Translation company using only native speakers in the areas of technical and legal translation specialists in various domains.
    La Trouble Line has a resident team of translators and reviewers consisting of Spanish and foreign nationals. All have advanced education
    (Bachelor / Master) and vast experience, and a strong commitment of the company in their ongoing assessment and training.

    Translation Services

    Among other conditions, excellence requires specialization. It is for this reason that we do not disperse for various areas of translation, such as movies and interpretation.
    Our translators and editors are devoted exclusively to written translation.
    We annually  renew successfully ISO 2001 certification  and implemented Kaizen System - Continuous Improvement.
    The translation process is  divided into three phases, and each phase and operator is submited to assessment.
    This result is communicated to glossary makers, translators and reviewers and inserted into our databases.
    Our translators and proofreaders work exclusively in their mother tongues ensuring rightness and language quality.

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