Who we are

    The company was set up some years ago by Fernando Silva, an electrotechnical engineer and former executive in a large multinational company.
    He retired early and started his own companies, particularly this one, which works in legal and technical translations and software development.
    Currently, many people consider M21 to be the company that offers the best service to its customers, from friendliness and ease of contact
    to the final quality and price of the translation, and delivery on time.

    It is certainly one of the best translation companies, using only native translators in technical and legal areas, who are specialists in various technical areas.
    The language used in translations is erudite and technically the most appropriate, giving our customers the opportunity to create a professional image in their market.
    The company has already done thousands of translations of recognized quality, delivering correct translations in each case and at the lowest price.
    Since it was founded, this company has already translated over 200 million words in more than 25 languages.

    So, you can count on this team of reliable experts.