How long does it take to prepare a budget?

    - Excluding very complicated cases, the budget is delivered in less than two hours. For cash payments with a special service price, the budget is immediate.
    How long does a translation take?
    - Excluding the day of the award, a 5-page technical report takes a day. For a larger volume of work in the same time, several translators are used to meet the required deadline.
    What does the cost of a translation depend on?
    - Naturally, it depends on the volume and also on the difficulty of the text and delivery time (urgency).
    How many translators and proofreaders are there?
    - We have 11 in-house translators/proofreaders and a network of about 400 freelance translators. We also have 28 freelance proofreaders.
    What are your specialities?
    - We have translators/proofreaders in virtually all technical areas: engineering, marketing, finance, law, medicine, etc.

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